The Shuffle on Wed 6/29/11

Artist Title Album New
Caddywhompus The Others The Weight
RJD2 Giant Squid The Collosus
Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio Caravan (remix) Duke! Three Portraits of Ellington
Bibio Bones & Skulls Ambivalence Avenue
Four Tet Circling There is Love In You
The Octopus Project Circling Hexadecagon
Lotus Plaza Sunday Night Floodlight Collective
Battles Wall Street Gloss Drop
Mice Parade Fortune of Folly What It Means To Be Left Handed
Black Moth Super Rainbow Drippy Eye Dandelion Gum
Flying Lotus Physics For Everyone Pattern+Grid World
Minus The Bear Knights Planet of Ice
Gutbucket Tryst'N Shout Flock
Don Caballero Loudest Shop Vac in The World Punkgasm
Pele Monkey Monkey Las Vegas The Nudes
Bleeding Fractals City Bears 2011 EP
Envy Dreams Coming To an End Recitation
Grown Ups Six More Weeks Of Winter More Songs
The Ex Eoleyo Catch My Shoe
Gogol Bordello Immigrant Punk Gypsy Punks
Mischief Brew Dallas in Romania The Stone Operation
The Love Club B'ol Weevil Of Love and Other Demons
Here We Go Magic Tulip January EP
The One AM Radio An Old Photo of Your New Lover Heaven Is Attached by A Slender
Bon Iver Minnesota, WI Bon Iver
Matt Pond PA Human Beings Spring Fools
The Ghosts Mynah Birds Call How Snakes Eat
TV On the Radio New Cannonball Blues Nine Types of Light

The Shuffle

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