The Naked Gun on Thu 7/7/11

Artist Title Album
Stranglers (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
Typhoon All-Stars Rack-A-Tack
Atlantics Come On
Cockney Rejects East End
Debris' Leisurely Waiting
The Nuge Stormtroopin'
Butthole Surfers Creep in the Cellar
Citations Moon Race
Tax Exiles Rough in the Valley
Captain Sensible Pasties
Groundhogs Cherry Red
Deadly Ones The Mad Drummer, Part 1
Purling Hiss Passenger Queen
PiL Graveyard
Dale Crover Hex Me
Chris Spedding Hey Miss Betty
The Sound Barrier (My) Baby's Gone
Weirdos We Got The Neutron Bomb
Leftovers Cigarettes and Alcohol
Wire Lowdown
Killdozer The Pig Was Cool
J.B.'s Doing It To Death, Part 1
Visitors Moth
The Fall Smile
Tremeloes Gentlemen of Pleasure
The Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business
Sham 69 Ulster
23 Skidoo Another Baby's Face
Iggy Pop Tell Me A Story
Devil's Dykes Fruitless
Les Vampyrettes Menetekel
Uncle Ted Stranglehold
The Driver Streetfight
Ramones Loudmouth
Swell Maps Vertical Slum
Scratch Acid Eyeball
Moods Rum Drunk
Rude Kids Stranglers (If It's Quiet Why Don't You Play?)
Spizzenergi Virginia Plain

The Naked Gun

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