Whatever I Feel Like on Mon 7/18/11

Artist Title Album New
Herbie Hancock Spank a Lee Flood
Jill Scott Golden Live in Paris
MF Doom One Beer MM... Food?
Mos Def Rock n Roll Black on Both Sides
Battles Wall Street Gloss Drop
Killer Bob Monastic Primary Records Compilation #1
In One Wind Tuck Me In With Bells How Bright A Shadow!
Tune-Yards Riotriot WHOKILL
The Ploctones The Pigseye Live Op Het Dak!
Jose Gonzalez Hints Veneer
Vetiver Worse For Wear The Errant Charm
DM Stith A Good Man Is Hard To Find Seven Swans Reimagined
Blanched and Threshed Scott Solter Canonic: Scott Solter plays Pattern Is Movement
Fourtet Stick to My Side (Pantha Du Prince Remix XI Versions of Black Noise
Claude Rosen 3 Primary Records Compilation
The Building 20 Years Primary Records Compilations
Cuddle Magic Content/Contempt Picture
Vijay Iyer Duality Tirtha
Son Step Forks Spooky Tooth
Teebs Arthur's Bird Ardour
Matt Davis/Javier Resendiz Marquez En Nuestros Viajes
Mike Mahoney's Wallingford Simpson Reed Grove Wallingford

Whatever I Feel Like

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Its whatever I feel like. Because sometimes I feel like jazz, or rock, or soul, or R&B, or other things that aren't even worth classifying into genres. And because this is free format radio and I have the opportunity to not follow a format.