Waxing Nostalgic on Thu 7/28/11

rock/punk rock various 7" compilations.

Artist Title Album
American Deathray Hi- Score Queenie Multiball
Caterpillar Winter's Come Working Holiday: December
Superchunk Night Of Chill Blue Working Holiday: December
Fly Ashtray, Rats of Unusual Size, Youth Gone Mad, and Sea Monkeys You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) Dumbrock Vol. 5
Voice Farm My Idea Buy Or Die
Clubfoot Orchestra Innocent Buy Or Die
Sperm Whales Lady Chatterly's Habit The Fridge Freezer EP
Membranes Electric Storm The Fridge Freezer EP
Love Gods In Leisure Suits Propoganda/The Day Elvis Died The Fresh Fish From Space 7"
Codeine Hard To Find Sassy 7"
Velocity Girl Crawl Sassy 7"
Star Sign Scorpio Eskinaut Rock Stars Kill
Hattifatteners North Pole Rock Stars Kill
Grouse Mountain Skyride Pretty Polly Rock Stars Kill
Stress Magnets The Long & Tall Of Short Stalk Punx Not Dead
Homo Picnic We Need More/Part Of The Race Breaking The Silence
Kazjurol The Human Force Breaking The Silence
Quod Massacre Q.M. Breaking The Silence
Instigators Not Free (Live) Breaking The Silence
Driver UFO Dover Proteen Records: Welcome To Pennsylvania

Waxing Nostalgic

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Jamie and Maeve dig through our vinyl library to bring you older songs you probably haven't heard since they were released. They play a different genre each week!