Waxing Nostalgic on Thu 8/11/11

progressive rock part 2.

Artist Title Album Label
FM Orion/Horizons Surveillance 1979
Weather Report River People Mr. Gone 1978
Brand X Macrocosm Moroccan Roll 1977
Camel First Light Rain Dances 1977
Spirit Nature's Way Spirit of '84 1983
Allan Holdsworth Clown Sand 1987
Utopia Overture: Mountaintop and Sunrise/Communion With The Sun Ra 1977
Steve Hackett Narnia Please Don't Touch 1978
Focus Hocus Pocus Moving Waves 1971
Jeff Beck The Pump There And Back 1980
Todd Rundgren Bleeding Runt: The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren 1971
Electric Light Orchestra Mama ELO II 1973

Waxing Nostalgic

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Jamie and Maeve dig through our vinyl library to bring you older songs you probably haven't heard since they were released. They play a different genre each week!