Fancy Pants-less Radio on Tue 8/23/11

Artist Title Album New
Battles Futura Gloss Drop
Colourmusic The Little Death (In 5 Parts) My ____ Is Pink
Pele Little Hunts Elephant
Algernon Cadwallader Springing Leaks Parrot Flies
Memory Tapes Today Is Our Life Player Piano
Washed Out Feel It All Around Life of Leisure
The Arctic Monkeys That's Where You're Wrong Suck It And See
Fink Perfect Darkness Perfect Darkness
Portugal. The Man Sleep Forever In The Mountain In The Cloud
Gardens & Villa Black Hills Gardens & Villa
Unknown Mortal Orchestra Jellow and Juggernauts Unknown Mortal Orchestra
David Bazan Strange Negotiations Strange Negotiations
Devendra Banhart Seahorse Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
City and Colour Natural Disaster Little Hell
Balance and Composure Quake Separation
Bangers A New Raymondo Small Pleasures
The Domino Thoery The Dash Language
Mister Heavenly Mister Heavenly Out Of Love
What Happened? Some Kind of Idiiot Not Fine, But Adequate
Jawbreaker Boxcar 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
New Creases Come Around About Last Night...
Bomb The Music Industry! Everybody That You Love Vacation
Bomb The Music Industry! Sponge Board / Baby Waves Vacation
Cassilis My Colors My Colors
Lighten Up Get The Poison Out Where Fun Goes To Die
The Measure [SA] Unwritten Notes
Frank Turner Redemption England Keep My Bones
Ataxia Montreal Automatic Writing
Smoking Popes Megan Destination Failure
American War Dignity Rhetoric
Dent May & His Magnificent Uklele Girls On The Square The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
Into It. Over It. Orlando, FL Twelve Towns
Cast Spells Glamorous Glowing Bright Works And Baton
Cast Spells Potted Plant Bright Works And Baton
Maps & Atlases Everyplace Is A House(Live) Trees, Swallows, Houses
Magic Bullets Pretend and Descend Magic Bullets
Smoking Popes Pure Imagination Destination Failure

Fancy Pants-less Radio

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Warm up this winter with some twinkly emo jams, laid back rock, and inspirational pop-punk, all bundled up in a toasty 2 hour blanket of fun. Includes some folk, experimental, noodles, midwestern 90s emo sounds, and other buffoonery.
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