Vrillon Radio on Mon 8/29/11

Artist Title Album New
Human Eye They Came from the Sky They Came From the Sky
Boris Tu, La La Heavy Rocks
Bad Cop Daylight Harvest the Beast
400 Blows Bad Man's Blues Sickness & Health
Radio Control Tavern at the End of the World Hot Audio
Big D And The Kids Table Modern American Gypsy For the Damned, The Dumb & The Delirious
Obits Everything Looks Better in the Sun Moody, Standard and Poor
Those Darlins Be Your Bro Screws Get Loose
PS I Love You Breadends Meet Me at the Muster Station
Male Bonding Mysteries Complete Endless Now
Bread and Roses Bedtime for Plutocracy Deep River Day
Mischief Brew Drinking Song from the Home Stretch The Stone Operation
Whiskey Folk Ramblers Gambling Preacher and His Daughter And There Are Devils...
Fink Who Says Perfect Darkness
Gold Leaves Endless Dope The Ornament
The Jayhawks Tiny Arrows Mockingbird Time
The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound End Under Down When Sweet Sleep Returned
Wooden Ships Home West
Tame Impala Expectation Innerspeaker
The Warlocks So Paranoid Heavy Deavy Skull Lover
The Missing Parts Drizzle Suenos
Femi Kuti Eregele Shoki Shoki
Mister Heavenly Harm You Out Of Love
Man Man I, Manface The Man in a Blue Turban With A Face
The Pimps of Joytime Blues Wit You Janxta Funk!
See-I Soul Hit Man See-I

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