Downtown Paul Brown on Wed 8/31/11

Artist Title Album New
Mountain Goats Riches and Woners All Hail West Texas
Mountain Goats San Bernardino Heretic Pride
Mountain Goats Orange Ball of Hate Zopilote Machine
Mountain Goats Lovecraft In Brooklyn Heretic Pride
Mountain Goats Pink and Blue All Hail West Texas
Mountain Goats This Year Sunset Tree
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Tigers Mirror Traffic
Bodies of Water In Your Thrall Again Twist Again
Harlem Some Day Soon Hippies
Woods Any Other Day Sun and Shade
Tomorrow's Tulips Eternally Teenage Eternally Teenage
Faces On Film Harlem Roses Some Weather
Sufjan Stevens Sleeping Bear, Sault Saint Marie Greetings From Michigan
Elbow Any Day Now Asleep In The Back
TV On The Radio Love Dog Dear Science
The Walkmen Dónde está la Playa You & Me
The National Karen Alligator
Yellow Ostrich Slow Paddle The Mistress
Peter Wolf Crier Loud Enough To Know Garden Of Arms
Pepper Rabbit Murder Room Red Velvet Snowball
Widowspeak Puritan Widowspeak
Caribou A Final Warning Milk Of Human Kindness
Barn Owl Devotion II Lost In The Glare
Tom Waits Telephone CAll From Istanbul Frank's Wild Years
Canon Blue Chicago Rumspringa
The Funk Ark Diaspora From the Rooftops
Mister Heavenly Reggae Pie Out Of Love
Dr. Dog The Girl We All Belong
Cymbals Eat Guitars Keep Me Waiting Lenses Alien
Male Bonding What's That Scene Endless Now
Pet Lions When I Grow Old Houses
Jacuzzi Boys Vizcaya Glazin'

Downtown Paul Brown

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