Vrillon Radio on Mon 9/12/11

Artist Title Album New
The Missing Parts Insomnia's Lullaby Suenos
The Wooden Sky Call If You Need Me. If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone
Cut Off Your Hands Oh Hell Hollow
Jon Herington The Only Fool Jon Herington
White Buffalo Love Song #2 Prepare for Black & Blue
Bread and Roses The Whale Deep River Day
Hugh Laurie Baby Please Make A Change Let Them Talk
Hemmingbirds Old Fire Death Wave
The Lounge Lizards I Remember Coney Island The Lounge Lizards
King Crimson Starless Red
Portugal. The Man Floating (Time Isn't Working My Side) In The Mountain In The Cloud
They Might Be Giants You Probably Get That A Lot Join Us
Black Moth Super Rainbow Born On a Day The Sun Didn't Rise Eating Us
Unknown Mortal Orchestra How Can You Luv Me Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Stone Axe Black Widow Stone Axe
Arctic Monkeys Piledriver Waltz Suck It and See
Mister Heavenly Bronx Sniper Out Of Love
The Sadies Lucifer Sam In Concert, Vol. 1
Fink Warm Shadow Perfect Darkness
Radio Control 2015 Hot Audio
Wooden Ships Looking Out West
The Buzzcocks Alive Tonight A Different Compilation
Sleeper Agent Shuga Cane Celebrasion
The Jim Jones Revue Burning Your House Down Burning Your House Down
Hank III LIfe of Sin Hillbilly Joker
Church of Misery Shotgun Boogie (James Oliver Huberty) Houses of The Unholy
Ghost Death Knell Opus Eponymous

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