Dysnoise on Mon 9/19/11

Dear Diary,
Diarrhea Tree.

Artist Title Album
Anthrax Protest and Survive Attack of the Killer B's
Testament Eerie Inhabitants The New Order
Napalm Death Suffer The Children Harmony Corruption
Mayhem Silvester Anfang/Deathcrush Deathcrush
Poison Idea Plastic Bomb Feel The Darkness
Amebix Fear of God Arise!
Turning Point Before the Dawn Discography
Extortion 4 Outta 5 Degenerate
Left for Dead Skin Graft Splitting Heads
Unholy Grave Protestant! Catholic! Crucified
Code Orange Kids Coasts s/t
Tied Down Polyagony 2011
Suicidal Tendencies Memories of Tomorrow Suicidal Tendencies
Brutal Truth Blind Leading the Blind Kill Trend Suicide
RVIVR Resilient Basterd Dirty Water EP
X Nausea Los Angeles
7 Seconds Colourblind The Crew
Weston No Kind of Superstar Got Beat Up
Plow United Dance (better than i've ever seen) The dustbin of history
Despise You Culpa Mia West Side Horizons
Magrudergrind Heretics Magrudergrind
Backslider Jealousy and Resentment Chainsaw to the face split
Dead Language They're Still Out There EP
Junkie Fever Sick Fix 7"
Articles of Faith I Objectify Give Thanks
Punch Positively God Free Push Pull
Lack of Interest Another Step Take Another Step
The Bastard Noise Movement Two The Red List
Iron Lung Primal Therapy Pt. 3 Life. Iron Lung. Death.
Crass Bata Motel Penis Envy
Flux of Pink Indians Tube Disaster Neu Smell
A/Political Obscene Gestures Punk Is A Ghetto
Nothing is Over Bleed Me Dry Apartment 213
Nothing is Over Get Pissed Apartment 213
Nothing is Over Everybody Hate Apartment 213
J.F.A. Deltitnu LP
J.F.A. Tentpeg LP
Haust Skate Rock 2 Powers of Horror cassette
Nu Sensae Terribolt Tv, Death and The Devil
Nu Sensae Sweet Thing Tv, Death and the Devil
Resistant Culture Land Keeper Welcome to Reality
The Abortion Squad No Authority, No Rules That's Punk, You're Not.
Infest Mindless Slave


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punx, metalheads, grinders, thrashers, moshers, crusties, losers, weirdos, squares, posers and late night drunk drivers. I want you all here Spike don't play with girls... This is dysnoise