Lame Ass Dudes on Thu 9/22/11

Artist Title Album New
JEFF the Brotherhood Heavy Days Heavy Days
Screaming Females Laura and Marty Castle Talk
Dry Feet I Can't Sleep At Night 7"
Bad Doctors Sissyphus and the Gate Bloodstains Across Philadelphia
45 Grave Evil Sleep In Safety
Agent Orange Secret Agent Man Sonic Snake Session
Howling Hour The Weekend Stuff
Radio Birdman What Gives? Essential Radio Birdman
The Briefs Orange Alert Sex Objects
The Buzzcocks Harmony in my Head Singles Going Steady
Bandname Walls Breakfast
Wild Flag Romance Wild Flag
Hunx and His Punx Bad Boy Too Young To Be In Love
The Eeries Walk You Home Comes Alive
Jay Reatard My Shadow Bloodvisions
The Exploding Hearts Throwaway Style Guitar Romantic
The Fluid Black Glove
Mudhoney Fuzz Gun '91
Annihilation Time Down the Street Annihilation Time
The Trowels Wrecking Crew + Nuclear Attack In Studio
Token Entry The Fire Jaybird
Fucked Up Queen of Hearts David Comes To Life
Off! Darkness First 4 EPs
Misfits Night of the Living Dead Walk Among Us
The Fix Vengence At the Speed of Twisted Thought
Big Boys Assault Fat Elvis
The Minutemen Tension The Punch Line
The Nerve Agents The Poisoning The Butterfly Collection
Tear it Up A higher standard Taking You Down
Gorillia Biscuits Forgotten New York City hXc comp
Pagan Babies Exception to the Rule Last
Paint it Black Cannibal CVA
Good Riddance Sacrifice Ballads from the Revolution
Descendents Bikeage Milo Goes to College
Naked Raygun I don't know Throb Throb
Ruin Make Believe + Hero Fiat Lux
Scream Total Mash
PLow United Generator Goodnight Sellout
Archers of Loaf Plumb Line Icky Mettle
Superchunk Seed Toss no pocky for kitty
Underground Railroad to Candyland Squareball Bird Roughs
The Arrivals New Gold Standard Volatile Molotov
Dead Kennedys Funland at the beach Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
V-Boys Gay Dad Bad Asses
Toys That Kill Amphetamine St. The Citizen Abortion

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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