Pretentious Film Majors on Fri 9/23/11

On this week's show, the Pretentious Film Majors are back! The show kicks off with an interview from Drive director Nicolas Refn, then the crew reviews the film. We also review Killer Elite & Moneyball, discuss the latest movie news, recap the Emmys, and countdown our Top 5 Favorite FIlms of Summer!

Artist Title Album New
St. Vincent Chloe In The Afternoon Strange Mercy
St. VIncent Cruel Strange Mercy
The Kickdrums Meet Your Ghost Meet Your Ghost
The Kickdrums Trouble Coming Everyday Meet Your Ghost
CANT Too Late, Too Far Dreams Come True
CANT Believe Dreams Come True
CANT The Edge Dreams Come True
CANT Bang Dreams Come True
The Kickdrums Colors Meet Your Ghost

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