Lame Ass Dudes covered by LakeMuir on Thu 10/6/11

Artist Title Album New
Rocket From The Crypt I Drink Blood Halloween Hootenanny
The Mummies The Thing From Venus Never Been Caught
The Jim Jones Revue Killin' Spree Burning Your House Down
Wooden Shjips Lazy Bones West
The Misfits Hatebreeders Walk Among Us
X Devil Doll (Demo) More Fun in the New
The Nerve Agents Oh, Ghost of Mine The Butterfly Collection
The Candy Snatchers Burn it to the Ground A Fistfull Of Rock'n'Roll: Volume 13
The Bronx Rape Zombie The Bronx
Gluecifer I Got A War How We Rock
The Riverboat Gamblers Rattle Me Bones Something to Crow About
Mischief Brew Drinking Song From the Tomb The Stone Operation
MDC I Remember Millions of Dead Cops
Void Who Are You Faith/Void Split
DOA World War 3 War On 45
Lighten Up! Summer Fiction Bloodstains Across Philadelphia Comp
Bad Brains I Bad Brains
Cro Mags World Peace Age of Quarrel
DRI Reagonomics Dealing With It
Dead Boys Ain't Nothin Too Do Young Loud and Snotty
Generation X Ready Steady Go Generation X
The Bad Doctors Sissyphus and the Gate Bloodstains Across Philly
Devo Come Back Jonee Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
The Dickies Paranoid The Incredible Shrinking Dickies
The Eyes Disneyland Dangerhouse Vol. 1
The Spits No Place to LIve The Spits
Mean Jeans Slime Time Are Yo Serious?
Political Crap Slow Death Who Cares
UXA Tragedies Rodney on the ROQ
thee oops on the lift Taste of Zimbabwe
Off Darkness First Four Eps
Black Flag Spraypaint Damaged
Circle Jerks Red Tape Group Sex
McRad Inflation Dub Get Off My Back
Big Boys We Got Your Money The Fat Elvis
Dicks I Hope You Get Drafted 1980-1986
The Jam Away from The Numbers The Sound of The Jam
Jay Reatard DOA Matador Singles
Los Olvidados Pay Salvation Listen to this
JFA Skateboard We Know You Suck
Jeff The Brotherhood Bone Jam Heavy Days
Screaming Females I don't mind it Castle Talk
Underground Railroad to Candyland O'er and Over Bird Roughs
Dry Feet Slow Baby Slow Philadelphia Beach

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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