late nite dudes on Thu 10/6/11

Artist Title Album
butthole surfers 22 going on 23 locust abortion technician
ruin dionysian he-ho
gun club ghost on the highway fire of love
flipper way of the world album
egg hunt me and you egg hunt
samiam sunshine astray
dictators borneo jimmy bloodbrothers
fay wray lucky manicotti fay wray
radon chinese rednecks in your home
snuff thats enough not listening 7"
dillinger four an american banned more songs about girlfriends and bubblegum
coquettish how many boys do you see total pops madness
shadowy men on a shadowy planet aunt's invasion beautiful happiness
carbonas frothing at the mouth sick satisfaction/frothing at the mouth
sultans just a fool ghost ship
teengenerate outta sight 7"
the gories we're the gories i know you be houserockin
murder city devils someone else's baby in name and blood
flower spiral concrete
franklin bookmark go kid go
electric love muffins tomorrow's regrets playdoh meathook
billy no mates timed out duck duck goose
didjits mr dna full nelson reilly
mission of burma this is not a photograph signals calls and marches
sorrows television teenage heartbreak
stoned at heart question mark party tracks
replacements gimme noise stink
prizzy prizzy please too many tshirts s/t
dinosaur jr tarpit you're living all over me
the beets what did i do spit in the face of people who dont want to be cool
cannibals run run run trash for cash
easter vomit whales vs the natural history museum
dickies banana splits incredible shrinking dickies
nation of ullysses spectra sonic sound 13 point program to destroy america
nomeansno dad

late nite dudes

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