Pretentious Film Majors on Fri 10/7/11

On this week's show, reviews of Real Steel, The Ides of March, The Way and Margaret as well as your usual dose of Film News and Nerd News, as well as our Top 5 Movies We Wish Were Board Games. AND LOTS OF ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT DISCUSSION!

Artist Title Album New
The Kickdrums Meet Your Ghost Meet Your Ghost
The Kickdrums Had Too Much to Dream Last Night Meet Your Ghost
The Kickdrums Love Can Drive Your Mind Wild Meet Your Ghost
Toro Y Moi Saturday Night Freaking Out
Toro Y Moi All Alone Freaking Out
Toro Y Moi Freaking Out Freaking Out
Wilco Capital City The Whole Love
Wilco Standing The Whole Love
Wilco Rising Red Lung The Whole Love
Wilco Whole Love The Whole Love
Wilco One Sunday Morning The Whole Love

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What is cinema? We might as well ask "What is life?" for film, like life, is made up f moments, moments in time. To hear about the wonders of motion pictures, do not listen to the show Pretentious Film Majors. Instead, if you'd like to hear movie reviews, top 5 lists and stupid movie banter, join us!