Purple Blitz on Mon 10/10/11

Artist Title Album New
Beirut The Rip Tide The Rip Tide
Portugal. The Man Everything You See In The Mountain In The Cloud
The Appleseed Cast Middle States Middle States
Fanfarlo Ghosts Reservoir
Eleanor Friedberger My Mistakes Last Summer
Bleeding Fractals Hermit Crabs in the Ice The Acoustic Shirt EP
Archers Of Loaf Web in Front Icky Mettle
Deerhunter Hazel St. Cryptograms
Charlotte Gainsbourg Dandelions IRM
City Lights I See You Burned Out Bright
Austra The Choke Feel It Break
The Head Separate Bodies Hang On
Blood Orange Can We Go Inside Now? Coastal Grooves
Darwin Deez Up in the Clouds Darwin Deez
Bandname New Usual Breakfast
White Denim Drug D
The Velvet Underground I'm Waiting For My Man The Velvet Underground & Nico
Polar Bear Club Screams in Caves Clash Battle Guilt Pride
Army Navy Ode to Janice Melt The Last Place
Caged Animals Looking For The Symptoms Warped Souls
Girls Honey Bunny Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Crystal Antlers Two-Way Mirror Two-Way Mirror
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. We Almost Lost Detroit It's A Corporate World
Memory Tapes Offers Player Piano
Crooked Fingers Black Candles Breaks In The Armor
Gold Motel Perfect In My Mind Gold Motel EP
Guards Resolution of One Guards EP
Into It. Over It. Fortunate Friends Proper
An Horse 100 Whales Walls
Legs Like Tree Trunks Winter Legs Like Tree Trunks EP
Man Man Dark Arts Life Fantastic
The Kooks Junk of the Heart (Happy) Junk of the Heart

Purple Blitz

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