Lame Ass Dudes on Thu 10/13/11

Artist Title Album New
Murder City Devils Press Gang
Rocket From the Crypt On a Rope
The Dirtbombs Ever Lovin Man
The Gories THere But the Grace
Oblivians Leather
Dead Moon Doa
The Eeries Stay With Me
Japanther zbattle of Hopeless Crushes
The Bad Doctors Sissyphus and the Gate
THe Vibrators Yeah yeah yeah
Bouncing Souls Quik Check Grl
hot water music True Believers
Avail Pinned Up Satiate
Kill your idols Right Now
SSD Boiling Point
Youth of Today Break Down the Walls
7 Seconds Strength
Middle Class Out of Vogue
Agression Rat Race
The Gears Don't Be Afraid to Pogo
The Weirdos We Got the Neutron Bomb
Mean Jeans Slime Time
The Crowd Right Time
Dry Feet I cant sleep at night 7'
RKL Seein You
Suicidal Tendencies Possesed to Skate
The Damned Machine Gun Etiquette
Attitude Adjustment Dope Feind
Slayer Tormentor
Pentagram Forever My Queen
Flipper Life
Fucked Up Queen of Hearts
Fugazi Steady Diet
Minor Threat Steppin Stone
Ween Push Th' Little Daisies
Archers of Loaf Wrong
Fear Lets Have A War
DI Johnnys Got A Problem
Faction Skate and Destroy
Slacktone Tidal Wave
Turbonegro Self Destructobust
Wipers Youth of America

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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