late nite dudes on Thu 10/13/11

Artist Title Album New
scared of chaka all my friends are ghosts live
marked men fortune 7"
carbonas lost cause live
reagan youth it was a beautiful day for... god and country
diarrhea planet raft nasty loose jewels
the tropics you better move riot city
the sabras la bamba riot city
dirtbombs underdog ultraglide in black
the plimsouls now the plimsouls
the heartburns you're a disease fixin to die
the beguiled she-devil rock blue dirge
nervous eaters born to die hot steel and acid
mean jeans total creep are you serious
pujol battles nasty brutish and short
the registrators waiting for my miss chloroform
grabass charlestons gone fishin 7'
the knocks chloroform
j church panama 7"
jacuzzi boys automatic jail glazin'
future virgins other side 7"
hanson brothers my game my game
new mexican disaster squad no protection peace with nothing
happy birthday pink strawberry shake s/t
man or astroman transmissions from venus astro launch
kintaro i dont give a fuck kintaro
fleshies my buddy split with toys that kill
fyp make like porcupines split with propagandhi
classics of love world of the known 7"
night marchers and i keep holding on see you in magic
tulsa promethius unbound split
formaldehyde junkies nuke the frats are a total wreck
sass dragons workhorse bonkaroo
electric love muffin this time i'm gone play doh meathook
camper van beethoven we're a bad trip III
husker du chartered trips zen arcade
davila 666 de verdad tan bajo
nomeansno sex mad sex mad

late nite dudes

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