Idle Noise on Wed 10/26/11

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CPSHO: Childrenerdlihc: Skull Defekts

Artist Title Album Label New
Dream Police Silent Barn Live - Cassette
Solo Dja Lalalala Solo Dja Kabako
Mozaure Jardin Secret entre Mozart et les grands sauriens
Sun City Girls Sangkala Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them
Skull Defekts ChildrenerdlihC 2013 -3012
Sun City Girls Wide World of Animals Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them
Acid Baby Jesus Oh Aurelia LP
Lantern Be Your Dog Live at WKDU 8-28-2011
Lydia Lunch Spooky Queen of Siam
Rocket from the Tombs I sell souls Barfly
Misfits Vivid Red Devil's rain
Alice Cooper Ballad of Dwight Fry
Mikey Wild Vincent Price
Vincent Price The Raven Pt1
Jody Reynolds Endless Sleep
Sex Gang Children Sebastiane
Christian Death Dream For Mother
Supreme Dicks Jack O Latern
Vincent Price Raven Pt 2
Nomads Where the Wolf Bane Blooms
Screaming Tribesmen Date With A Vampyre
Devo Theme From SLaughterhouse Rock
Godzilla Jad & David Fair Monster Songs
Vincent Price Raven pt 3
Monsters Monsters Go Disco

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Noisy pop tunes, mellow to firm, according to age, middle-aged or semicurado rich and creamy, some bordering avant garde, with a proliferation of tiny holes, old school punk, intensely nutty with full aroma to sharp, salty, buttery and fruity.
Avant Garde