The Naked Gun on Thu 10/27/11

Artist Title Album
Terry Reid Superlungs, My Supergirl
Butthole Surfers Jimi
Drivers No No / Barry's Pleasure
Mummies The Red Cobra #9
The Fall Ladybird (Green Grass) (Peel session)
Art Zoyd Something in Love
Gerry Hatrick and the Score Draws Nonsense
Cucumbers Pimply Girls
Watery Love A Condom
Padlocks Action Man
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band Ashtray Heart
Jeronimo News
The In-Sect I Can See My Love
D.N.A. Egomaniac's Kiss
U.K. Subs Crash Course
Hawkwind Urban Guerrilla
Thee Mighty Caesars She's Just 15
Nosebleeds Fascist Pigs
Emil & the Detectives Girl
Purrkur Pillnikk Gluggagægir
Endtables Circumcision
Troopers Love You
Balloon Farm A Question of Temperature
Ian Doeser and the Poseurs Maximum Security
Watery Love New Kind of Kick
PiL Annalisa
Sly & the Revolutionaries Rizla
The Fall Strychnine (Peel session)
Sir Lord Baltimore Hard Rain Fallin'
Scorps Dark Lady
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Spinning Round
Buzzcocks Moving Away from the Pulsebeat

The Naked Gun

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