Noodle Dudes on Tue 11/8/11

As Time Tables suggest, four times four is sixteen.

Artist Title Album
The Hold Steady Ask Her For Some Adderall Stay Positive
Lifetime Anchor Hello Bastards
The Lawrence Arms On With The Show The Greatest Story Ever Told
Ceremony Terminal Addiction Rohnert Park
P.S. Eliot Bear Named Otis Living In Squalor
Dillinger Four "I Was Born On A Pirate Ship" Situationist Comedy
The Measure (SA) Revisionist Songs About People N Fruit N Shit
Pinhead Gunpowder At Your Funeral Split w/ Dillinger Four
The Ergs! Pool Pass Ben Kweller
Dead To Me Arrhythmic Palpitations Little Brother
Descendents Kabuki Girl Milo Goes To College
Alkaline Trio Take Lots With Alcohol From Here To Infirmary
Lucero Tears Don't Matter Much That Much Further West
Everyone Everywhere Tiny Boat Everyone Everywhere
Luther This Is Like Fight Club Demo version
Paint It Black Bliss Amnesia
Tigers Jaw Jet Alone Split w/ Balance And Composer
Captain We're Sinking It's A Trap It's A Trap
Angry Serfs Pigs Is Pigs Living In The 00s
Spraynard Damm You, A Box Funtitled
The Holy Mess Goodbye 3713 Benefit Sesh
Propaghandi Today's Empries, Tomorrow's Ashes Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
Bridge And Tunnel Footnotes Rebuilding Year
Cheap Girls Hey Hey, I'm Worn Out My Roaring 20s
The Replacements Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out Let It Be
Screaming Females Sports Baby Teeth
The Sidekicks I Burned The Crops Sam
Bomb The Music Industry Vocal Coach Vacation
Smoke Or Fire Goodbye To Boston Above This City

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