Lame Ass Dudes on Thu 11/10/11

Andrew is here.

Artist Title Album New
The Atomic Bitchwax Dishing Out A Heavy Dose of Tough Love The Atomic Bitchwax
Nebula Sonic Titan Let It Burn
WITCH Seer Witch
DRI Reaganomics Dealing With It
Bongzilla American Stash
Orange Goblin Rage of Angels Coup De Grace
Church of Misery Badlands Houses of the Unholy
Big Black Bad Penny Songs About Fucking
Melvins A History Of Bad Men A Senile Animal
Blast Time To Think+Surf And Destroy The Power of Expression
Kvelertak Ultrydd dei Svake Kvelertak
Toys That Kill Brain Attracts Flies+Blake St.Valentine "Flys" 7'
Dillinger Four Noble Stabbings Situationist Comedy
Agent Orange Fire in the Rain River's Edge Soundtrack
Void War Hero+Going South Sessions '81-'83
7 Seconds Spread+99 Red Balloons Walk Together, Rock Together
Underground Railroad To Candy Land Jimmy V Knows Your Sins
Pujol Mayday Nasty Brutish and Short
Mean Jeans Slime Time Are You Serious?
Bad Doctors Sisyphus And The Gate Bloodstains Across Philadelphia
Cousin Brian Comfortably Bummed Bloodstains Across Philadelphia
The Eeries Stay With Me Demo
The Lyrics They Can't Hurt Me Back From the Grave
The Lewd Kill Yourself Killed By Death #3
Lighten Up Summer Fiction Bloodstains Across Philadelphia
The Adolescents Word Attack + Rip It Up Adolescents
The Replacements Color Me Impressed Hootenany

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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