late nite dudes on Thu 11/10/11

Artist Title Album New
bummer strange faces and hot places two
hunchback werse houses 7"
creem i hate you 7"
smart remarks mary's got her eye on me was it something we said
sorrows i want you tonight teenage heartbreak
happy burger cyber mendiant 7"
marked men on on
sunny ali and the kid hijabi girl
the beets i think i might have built a horse let the poison out
tandoori knights roam the land curry up, it's the tandoori knights
uncle bad touch i wanna love you uncle bad touch
j church bomb she said she wouldnt sacrifice
robert ellis orrall baby go fixation
the bananas hopeful spiders a slippery subject
the quick dont you want it mondo deco
the fleshies runner's legs scrape the walls
plummett airlines it's hard 7"
pegboy field of darkness 7"
pegasus in my fright pegasus
shadowy men on a shadowy planet theme from tv savvy show stoppers
midnight black rock n roll farewell to hell
fucked up ban violins generation
young governor where it's quiet where it's quiet
jacuzzi boys glazin glazin
davie allan and the arrows the born losers theme 7"
the vandals anarchy burger peace through vandalism
underground railroad to candyland bus knows your sins
token entry jaybird jaybird
hollywood doctor's note stunts
ccr w/skulls round about sunday morning carpetbaggers
busy signals got it all wrong s/t
cheeseburger tiger cheeseburger
congenital death 1 demo
turbonegro deathtime ass cobra
classics of love dissolve
crossed eyes rattled rattled
acid baby jesus android robot s/t
culo brain cavity life is vile and are we
the men lotus leave home
the dead milkmen i hate you i love you metaphysical graffiti

late nite dudes

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