Noodle Dudes on Tue 11/15/11

Bruce Springsteen knows every girl named Maria

Artist Title Album
Saves The Day At Your Funeral Stay What You Are
Alkaline Trio Trucks And Trains From Here To Infirmary
The Gaslight Anthem Wherefore Art Thou Elvis? Senor And The Queen
Lemuria Hours Split w/ Kind Of Like Spitting
Cheap Girls Stay High (Magic) Find Me A Drink Home
The Hold Steady Stevie Nix Separation Sunday
Lagrecia The Montage On Paralles
Descendents Dry Spell Cool To Be You
Screeching Weasel Falling Apart Anthem For A New Tomorrow
The Copyrights Out Of Ideas Learn The Hard Way
The Ergs! Running, Jumping, Standing Still Dorkrockcordrod
Jawbreaker I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both Dear You
Scarier Area Sticks It Keeps Happening
Kite Party Wish Mountain Wish Mountain
Spraynard Joe Galaghers Fantasy Fun Camp Funtitled
Restorations Canadian Club Self Titled
The Menzingers Red, White And Blues Hold On, Dodge
Ah, Horse Hockey You Turned Off Blink 182 For This Shit? The Friendship EP
NoFX Anarchy Camp The War On Errorism
Off With Their Heads Ten Years Trouble From The Bottom
Pinhead Gunpowder Second Street Split w/ Dillinger Four
The Sidekicks Small Weight Of Air
None More Black Drop The Pop File Under Black
Lifetime Irony Is For Suckers Hello Bastards
Lucero I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight Rebels, Rouges And Sworn Brothers
Bomb The Music Industry All Ages Shows Adults!!!
Bridge and Tunnel Outgrowing Pains Rebulding Year
Dillinger Four Open And Shut Split w/ Pinhead Gunpowder
The Promise Ring Is This Thing On? Nothing Feels Good

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