late nite dudes on Thu 11/17/11

Artist Title Album New
the black belles honky tonk horror 7"
RKL chinese rocks Mystic Radio Covers LP
The Zeros wimp bomp comp
Satanic Threat Guilty of hating christ in to hell
devil dogs time enough for love big beef bonanza
jeff the brotherhood everything i need 7"
the shivvers when i was younger 7"
the delmonas lie detector do the uncle willy
tandoori knights dress on curry up
bad manners inner london violence dance craze
useless eaters filthy cop zulu
phantom surfers sewer peak 18 deadly ones
vanity five flight of the phoenicians give em the boot vol 2
the crossfires fiberglass jungle out of control
the beets without you let the poison out
dead milkmen bitchin camaro if i had a gun ep
aus rotten too little too late not one single fucking hit
the fleshies south miami beach kill the dreamer's dream
bracewar get sick demo
the bronx six days a week III
jacuzzi boys cool vapors glazin
defect defect post apocalypse split
pagans boy can i dance good shit street
disturbed war reality fake reality disturb the system
the queers i can't get invited to the prom move back home
gizmos progressive rock hoosier hysteria
new models permanent vacation 7"
hell beach black beach welcome to hell beach
fun no fun i wanna be your problem 7"
invader microwave 2 raw demo
ccr w/skulls round about sunday morning carpetbaggers
king missile rock n roll will never die mystical shit
the shemps damn shame spazz out
kintaro dont ever touch me power love
the like release me release me
the muffs big mouth the muffs

late nite dudes

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