The Music of Sound on Wed 11/23/11

Pre-Thanksgiving bash. By myself. Stuffing down the stuffing.

Artist Title Album New
Noah And The Whale Jocasta Noah And The Whale
Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps ;;; Little Wind
Unthanks The Testimony of Patience Kershaw Here's The Tender Coming
Cajun Dance Party Colorful Life
The Kooks How'd You Like That Junk Of The Heart
Twin Tigers Everyday Gray Waves
Ólöf Arnalds She Belongs To Me Ólöf Sings
Belle & Sebastian Family Tree Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant
Fergus & Geronimo Girls With English Accents Unlearn
The Beets Friends of Friends Let The Poison Out
The Bucaneer's You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore Amigo RK
Weston Varsity Sweater Got Beat Up
Osker Contention Idle Will Kill
Tenement Earwig Napalm Dream
WAVVES Beach Demon
Cruddy Pity Party Cruddy EP
Kitchen's Floor Regrets Look Forward To Nothing
The Fizzbombs Sign On The Line
Dum Dum Girls Tear Drops On My Pillow Only In Dreams
Parasol Firecracker Crush Season
Ah Horse Hockey From The Land Of Pleasant Living The Friendship EP
Look Mexico Arrested? I Don't Feel Like I'm Under Arrest Real Americans Spear It
Timeshares Sarah, Send Your Driver Bearable
Everyone Everywhere Tiny Boat Everyone Everywhere
Into It. Over It. Write It Right Proper
Pedro The Lion When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run It's Hard To Find A Friend
Beat Happening Noise You Turn Me On
Those Darlins Be Your Bro Screws Get Loose
Ty Segall Son Of Sam (Chain Gang) Singles 2007-2010
Dreamdate Maon Kur Come Over Now
Reading Rainbow Must Be Dreaming Prism Eyes
Beach Fossils Fall Right In What A Pleasure
Gem Club Twins Breakers
My Bloody Valentine Sometimes Loveless

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