Lame Ass Dudes on Thu 12/1/11

Artist Title Album New
Jeff the Brotherhood Whatever I Want 7"
Dead Moon Dagger Moon
The Wipers The Lonely One
Kraut All Twisted An Adjustment to Society
The Marked Men A little time
Jay Reatard Turning Blue Blood Visions
Menace Last Years Youth
Exploding Hearts Your Shadow
Bad Doctors Sissyphus and the Gate Bloodstains Across America
Devo Space Junk
The Breifs Orange Alert
JFA Cokes and Snickers
Black Athletes DIe Laughing
Faction Lets Go Get Cokes
Dag Nasty Safe
Police and Theives We're Not the Only Ones
Plugz Mindless Contentment
Sham 69 Hey Little Rich Boy
Toy Dolls Dig That Groove Baby
Screaming Jay Hawkins I Hear Voices
The Bronx Heart Attack American
Zwaanendale Blood on the Stairs
Howling Hour It's Too Late
The Cramps She Said Yeah
Hasil Adkins No more Hot Dogs
The Mummies The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody
The Spits Tuff News
Nobunny Ain't It a Shame
Stiff Little Fingers State of Emergency
Cock Sparrer Working
Congenital Death Squares
Coke Bust Deathbed
Tear It Up No THey Don't Wash Off
Kill YOur Idols Wake Up Sheep
The Accused Halo of Flies
THe Nation of Ulysses Your my miss Washington DC
Gray Matter Bite the Bit
Fucked Up Looking for God+Twice Born
Underground Railroad To Candy Land That I Dunno

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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