Noodle Dudes on Tue 12/6/11

Garlic Knots are rad.

Artist Title Album
The Hold Steady Stuck Between Stations Boys And Girls In America
Lifetime Try And Stay Awake Lifetime
Iron Chic Cutesy Monster Man Not Like This
The Copyrights Out Of Ideas Learn The Hard Way
Chinese Telephones Live Like This Chinese Telephones
The Ergs! Pray For Rain Dorkrodcordrock
Banner Pilot Alchemy Heart Beats Pacific
The Arrivals Two Years Volatile Molotov
The World/Inferno Friendship Society Fiend In Wien Red-Eyed Soul
Bridge And Tunnel Cooked Books Rebuilding Year
Lagrecia According To My Notes On Parallels
Off With Their Heads Go On Git Now From The Bottom
Screeching Weasel Don't Turn Out The Lights My Brain Hurts
Failed Attempts At Facial Hair Hate Song Girls, Friends And Girlfriends
Paint It Black Worms Surrender
The Menzingers Obituaries New Record
Spraynard Homies Is Where The Heart Is Funtitled
Tigers Jaw Heat Tigers Jaw
Dead To Me Reckless Behavior Moscow Penny Ante
Cheap Girls All My Clean Friends My Roaring 20s
Brand New Jude Law And A Semester Abroad Your Favorite Weapon
Dillinger Four Clown Calls On Cinder Blocks C I V I L W A R
The Lawrence Arms 100 Resolutions Cocktails And Dreams
Grown Ups Johnny Edwards More Songs
Nine Eleven City Of Quartz City Of Quartz
The Measure SA Union Pool Union Pool 7"
The Promise Ring B Is For Bethlehem Nothing Feels good

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