Backpack on Sun 12/11/11

Artist Title Album Label New
Reagan Youth Back To The Garden (Parts I-IV) For God and Country New Red Archives
Negative Approach Evacuate Tied Down Touch and Go
Descendents Cameage ALL SST
Sadgiqacea The Great Divide Grass Split Anthropic
Fu Manchu Wiz Kid California Crossing Demos
Bones Brigade Future Impaired Focused Mind Warp
Don Caballero Trey Dog's Acid Singles Breaking Up Touch and Go
Descendents I Like Food Descendents 7" New Alliance
Pygmy Shrews AM Breakout You People Can All Go Straight To Hell Jack Shack
Reagan Youth Jesus Was a Communist//Urban Savages For God and Country New Red Archives
Psychic Teens Red S/T Golden Voyage
Descendents Coolidge Clean Sheets 7" SST


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60mins of headshaking, weekly.