Backpack on Mon 1/9/12

Artist Title Album Label New
Chuck Dukowski Machine Jam United Gang Members newalliance
East Bay Ray and the Killer Smiles You're Such a Fake S/T MVDaudio
Husker Du Everything Falls Apart Everything Falls Apart Reflex
Pygmy Shrews Snake Eyes You People Can All Go Straight To Hell JKSHK
The Men Think Leave Home Sacred Bones
Pampers Monkey Drip Pampers 7" JKSHK
Reagan Youth I Hate Hate Collection of Pop Classics New Red Archive
Cerebral Ballzy On The Run S/T adult swim
Ape! And We Wait And We Wait/ Tall Ships 7" transient housing
Kitchen's Floor Twenty-Four Look Forward to Nothing Siltbreeze
Carolee Closed Light EP1 12XU
Lantern Screamin' Dream Deliver Me From Nowhere
Russian Circles Batu Empros Sargent House
Naked Raygun Coldbringer Jettison Caroline
Minor Threat Salad Days Complete Disco Dischord
Dead Farmers Never Enough Out The Door 7" RIP Society
Fucked Up Days of Last Chemistry of Common Life Matador
Art Blakey Quartet Just Knock On My Door A Jazz Message impulse


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