The Frequency on Sun 1/15/12

Artist Title Album Label New
Steve Hauschildt Music for a Moire Pattern Tragedy and Geometry
Art DiFuria Live on WKDU Live on WKDU
Photon Band Only Lucky Lonely All Young in the Soul
The Bevis Frond Son of a Warm Gun The Leaving of London
Spiritualized All of My Thoughts Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space
Rob Jo Star Band Story Dangerous Rob Jo Star Band
Psandwhich Home Before the Snowfall Northern Psych
Psychic TV The Alien Brain Mr. Alien Brain vs. the Skinwalkers
Alvarius B. Face to Face with a Couple Axes Baroque Primitiva
Garbage and the Flowers Alamo Rose Stoned Rehersal
Angels of Light Good Bye Mary Lou We are Him
Meg Baird Friends Seasons on Earth
Julia Holter Goddess Eyes Tragedy
Motion Sickness of Time Travel The Walls Were Dripping with Stars Luminaries and Synastry
Fursaxa Lunaria Exits the Blue Lodge Mycorrhizae Realm
Blouse Into Black Blouse
Brief Candles Knock 'em Deaf Fractured Days
The Rain Parade I Look Around Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
Lockets Camera Shy
The Mad Scene Pictures on My Wall Chinese Honey
The Sound Missiles Jeopardy
Guided by Voices Doughnut for a Snowman Let's Go Eat the Factory
Reigning Sound Not Far Away Abdication...for Your Love
The Dead Milkmen Can't Relax The King in Yellow
Reports The Valley Dinamo Cambridge
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Wet Cement So Many Things
Brain F# Hand's in the Jar Sleep Rough
Watery Love A Condom Two Thrills

The Frequency

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Tune in every Sunday night from 20:00 to 22:00 for a variety of music spanning the decades: classic and modern psychedelia, shoegaze, indie rock, twee, post punk, garage, avant garde, industrial, folk, and punk.
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