late nite dudes on Thu 1/19/12

Artist Title Album New
ramones warthog too tough to die
toys that kill running from love split
radon feline growth split
dead milkmen william bloat the king in yellow
night birds squad car 7"
rocket from the crypt out of control group sounds
fucked up colour removal 7"
the beets you don't want kids to be dead let the poison out
franklin major taylor major taylor
bad brains i rock for light
devil dogs palisades park big beef bonanza
undertones teenage kicks undertones
the vibrators she's bringing you down pure mania
the only ones language problem the only ones
one way streets we all love peanut butter back from the grave
larry and the blue notes night of the phantom back from the grave
one way streets jack the ripper back from the grave
scared of chaka i must masonic youth
marked men fortune/ditch ghosts
tuesday so awake early summer
snuff the damage is done/spend spend spend reach
fay wray bi i love everyone
hollywood stunts stunts
youth brigade sink with california sound and fury
the specials man at c & a more specials
camper van beethoven jack ruby key lime pie
shadowy men on a shadowy planet malfunction savvy show stoppers
murder city devils midnight service at the mutter museum thelema
atom and his package he kissed me atom and his rockage
future of the left dry hate polymers are forever
freestone church 7"
campo-formio crackman crackman
buzzcocks i don't mind singles going steady
avengers iv avengers stomp lost legends of surf
hunx and his punx bad boy too young to be in love
the bananas new animals new animals
descendents silly girl i dont wanna grow up
gg and the jabbers dont talk to me live
gorilla biscuits good intentions start today
minutemen little man with a gun in his hand ballot result
wire pink flag pink flag
dinosaur jr start choppin where you been
dickies communication breakdown stukas over disneyland
devo space junk are we not men
sonic youth kool thing goo
bad doctors sisyphus and the gate bloodstains across philadelphia
the eeries listen baby come alive
exploding hearts
the sidekicks

late nite dudes

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