Lame Ass Dudes on Sun 1/22/12

Artist Title Album New
Angry Samoans RIght of my Mind
Annihilation Time Imaginary Mirror + Dogends
Negative Approach Ready to Fight
Congenital Death Squares + Hate Song
Weekend Nachos Black Earth + Friendship
GBH Give Me Fire
Fugazi Last Chance For A Slow Dance
Fucked Up Black Albino Roses
Government Warning Blank
Kill Your Idols Above The Law
Trash Talk Blind Evolution
Paint It Black Anesthesia
Paint It Black Womb Envy
Plow United The Narrow Sparrow
Toys That Kill Brain Attracts Flies
Toys That Kill Blake St. Valentine
United Youth Demo
Poilice and Theives Intro + All Saints
Rites of Spring For Want Of
DRI Nursing Home Blues
Bad Religion Suffer + Delirium of Disorder
Cerce P.O.N.X.
One Win Choice Act Yr Age
Ty Segall Where We Go
The Eeries Walk You Home
Pujol Mayday
Dry Feet I Can't Sleep At Night
Man or Astroman Sferic Waves
Kid Dynamite Pits and Poisoned Apples
Comeback Kid All in A Year
H2O Pride
Ink and Dagger Full Circle
Agnostic Front Victim In Pain
Deadline Stolen Youth
McRad Dead By Dawn
The Trowels Nuclear Attack
Ween Push Th' Little Daisies
Tales of Terror Ozzy
Jeff the Brotherhood Ripper

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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