Out of the Basement on Thu 1/26/12

Artist Title Album New
Broadway Calls Back to Oregon Broadway Calls
Brand New Seventy Times 7 Your Favorite Weapon
Daytrader Kill My Compass Last Days of Rome
A Death in the Family Red Sky This Microscopic War
Iron Chic Time Keeps Slipping Into the (Cosmic) Future Not Like This
Against Me! Sink, Florida, Sink As the Eternal Cowboy
The Gaslight Anthem We Came to Dance Sink or Swim
Cheap Girls Hey Hey I'm Worn Out My Roaring 20's
The Sidekicks Stay Grace
Owen No Language Ghost Town
John K Samson Taps Reversed Provincial
The Get Up Kids Washington Square Park Four Minute Mile
Los Campesinos By Your Hand Hello Sadness!
Good Luck The Story, Rewritten Without Hesitation
Peace Be Still Milano 64
The Greek Favorites Wax Wings The Greek Favorites/Glocca Morra Split
Kite Party Southpaw Baseball Season
Hightide Hotel Malice Secret Somethings vol. 2
Captain We're Sinking Crushed By Milwaukee's Best It's a Trap EP
The Menzingers Burn After Writing On the Impossible Past
The Great Explainer Michael Jordan 666 The Way Things Swell
Paint It Black Shell Game Redux New Lexicon
One Win Choice Who Threw Out the Itinerary Conveyor
Pianos Become the Teeth New Normal The Saddest Landscape
CSTVT Narrow Hallways The Echo & The Light
Grown Ups Orange Cat More Songs
Latterman Videogames and Fantasy Novels are Fucking Awesome No Matter Where We Go
Hold Tight! Tell Your Crush How You Feel Can't Take this Away
The Lawrence Arms Another Boring Story Cocktails and Dreams
Signals Midwest Family Crest Latitudes and Longitudes
Joyce Manor Constant Headache Joyce Manor
Timeshares Woke Up In a Grappler School Bearable

Monday Night Football

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