late nite dudes on Thu 1/26/12

we got stuck in the station and had to play the whole ripoff records comp

Artist Title Album
carrie nations sofa king be still
culo brain cavity life is vile and so are we
dillinger four smells like ok soda this shit is genius
fracture getaway car anthology
dead boys all this and more young loud and snotty
j church nostalgic for nothing nostalgic for nothing
man or astroman polaris 5"
chelsea i'm on fire 7"
witches with dicks yes mark it is tentative manual
wax stop sign 13 unlucky numbers
pink razors disapproval rating waiting to wash up
tulsa young and foolish sour digs
male nurses religious hypnotist s/t
pink lincolns temporary friends back from the pink room
rocket from the crypt panic scam
radon facial disobedience we bare all
pujol too safe 7'
the undertones here comes the summer peel sessions
v/a ripoff records singles second wave of hits
the alley cats too much junk 7"
underground railroad to candyland bitter 4 way split
husker du turn on the news zen arcade

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