late nite dudes on Thu 2/9/12

Artist Title Album
misfits hybrid moments box set
pegboy field of darkness 7"
bad brains sailin on rock for light
eddy current supression ring feel guilty 7"
fyp wherever the creeps go toys that kill
sloane peterson these days 7"
the replacements cant hardly wait pleased to meet me
the judys guyana punch/she got the beat washarama
the replacements another girl another planet lp
kraut matinee kbd
child molesters hillside strangler kbd
carbonas nineteen 7"
coquettish you chase me total pops madness
vindictives rubber bullets party time for assholes
crimpshrine pretty mess 7"
moral crux pathos 7"
jawbreaker want live 7"
marked men on 7"
koro side a 7"
marked men the other side 7"
koro side b 7"
phantom surfers play songs from the big screen
man or astroman complex 34 project infinity
the feelies crazy rhythms crazy rhythms
the spits witchhunt 3
man or astroman manta ray project infinity
minor threat minor threat demo tape
tsol code blue dance with me
cheeky bad mood choke on a cheeseburger
dag nasty one to two/circles can i say
the vibrators fall in love batteries included
the undertones get over you s/t
the saints private affair eternally yours
carbonas lost cause 7"
the weirdos happy people
da biz on the beach 7"
everyone everywhere raw bar obx everyone everywhere
the last stand just a number
the valkyrians the fly punkrocksteady

late nite dudes

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