late nite dudes on Thu 2/16/12

i played a lot of covers and surf rock tonite

Artist Title Album New
pegboy through my fingers three chord monte
rites of spring deeper than inside rites of spring
buzzcocks breakdown comp
sonic's rendezvous band city slang city slang
radio birdman snake burn my eye
the penetrators nervous fingers walk the beat
the bad doctors distractions distractions
the bomb space age love song speed is everything
the bambi molesters the kiss off as the dark wave swells
the maharajas time a third opinion
the sewergrooves look again
the boys i call your name collection
the plasmatics squirm new hope for the wretched
polysics wild one now is the time
peelander z detroit rock city pbone steak
the flesh eaters the hammer hits the nail a hard road to follow
the atomic mosquitos lets make the water brown lets make the water brown
the black widows my least favorite martian arocknaphobia
the aquabats sequence erase demos
the busy signals uh oh the busy signals
the black widows parazone arocknaphobia
los straitjackets kawanga! 7"
the spits nuclear bomb ii
the dickies solitary confinement dogs from the hare that bit us
naked raygun soldier's requiem jettison
stickmen taildragger this is the master brew
this moment in black history month garbage in//garbage out it takes a nation of assholes to hold us back
the dirtbombs chains of love ultraglide in black
the avengers vi peter gunn lost legends of surf guitar
surfaris yep
the phantom surfers and davie allan polyurethane skaterhater
didjits give it back 7"
the sonics don't be afraid of the dark boom
low budgets declined go for broke
doa unknown hardcore 81
the challengers satan's theme
the 5ive phantoms outlaw
hanson brothers my girlfriend's a robot
replacements takin a ride sorry ma
gentleman jesse highland crawler introducing gentleman jesse and his men
armalite boots, sneakers humungous
j church society is a carnivorous flower society is a carnivorous flower
halo of flies i'm clean garbage rock
fucked up generation generation
dillinger four bite the curb bite the curb this shit is genius
flipper way of the world generic
mcrad tomorrow's headline absence of sanity
red dons unheard words fake meets failure
zero boys civilizations dying
eddy current supression ring which way to go s/t

late nite dudes

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