Droog Radio on Tue 2/21/12

Artist Title Album New
Arctic Monkeys Reckless Serenade Suck It and See
Crystal Stilts Precarious Stair In Love With Oblivion
Yellow Ostrich Daughter Strange Land
Hot Chip One Pure Thought Made in the Dark
Grimes Oblivion Visions
Young Magic Slip Melt
The Go! Team Huddle Formation Thunder, Lightning, Strike
The Unicorns I Was Born (a Unicorn) Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
The Cardigans Never Recover First Band On The Moon
Belle & Sebastian I'm a Cuckoo Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Grant Green Nomad Idle Moments
Fat Jon Backseat Anonymous Humanoid Erotica
The Drones Careful As You Go Havilah
Iron & Wine Sinning Hands Around the Well
Memoryhouse All Our Wonder The Slideshow Effect
Plants and Animals The End of That The End of That
Tennis It All Feels The Same Young And Old
Hungry Kids of Hungary The Vacationer Escapades
Ivan & Alyosha Living for Someone Fathers Be Kind EP
of Montreal Ye, Renew the Plaintiff Paralytic Stalks
Arnold Schönberg Piano Concerto, Op. 42: I. Andante Schönberg: Piano Concerto / Piano Pieces / Webern: Variations / Berg: Piano Sonata (Mitsuko Uchida / Pierre Boulez / Cleveland Orchestra)
Deerhunter Vox Celeste Weird Era Cont.
The Antlers Sylvia Hospice

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