Play Date on Wed 2/29/12


Artist Title Album Label New
Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Dig It
Air Le Soleil Est Pres de Midi
Roxy Music All I Want Is U Country Life
Silver Apples Love Fingers S/T
Bauhaus Who Killed Mr Moonlight Burning From The Inside
Visage Fade To Grey
The Wonderball Disco Orchestra Close Encounters Spaced Out Disco Fever
Air Cosmic Trip Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Brian Eno / David Byrne Regiment My Life In The Bush of Ghosts
Das Ding HSTA
Zombi Spirit Warrior Spirit Animal
Mathematiques Modernes Jungle Hurt Les Visiteurs du Soir
Kraftwerk Airwaves Radio-Activity
Grimes Vowels = Space + Time Visions
Kraftwerk Musique Non Stop 7" version
Cybotron Clear
Venus Gang Space Woman 12"
Oppenheimer Analysis Radiance
Kraftwerk Metropolis Autobahn
PoPo Let's Get Away
Big Sir The Ladder Before Gardens After Gardens
Factory Floor 2 Different Ways 12" DFA
Pipes This Is Pipes Pipes
St Etienne Only Luv Can Break Yo Heart 12"
Gina X Harley Davidson Yinglish

Play Date

This program is not on the schedule.
Wednesday 6-8pm
Wednesday 7-9pm
Stuff your dad will probably like. Full of 60s/70s international stuff, early punk/post punk (Suicide, Silver Apples, The Slits, Kleenex) interspersed with random finds like italo disco, soundtracks, weird covers, etc.
Weirdo B-sides
Dollar Bin