Music that Keeps You Up at Night on Wed 2/29/12

Artist Title Album New
Caspian The Raven Tertia
sleepmakeswaves We Sing the Body Electric sleepmakeswaves
Hull A Light that Shone From Aside the Sea Beyond the Lightless Sky
Latitudes Antechamber Agonist
Baroness The Birthing Red Album
Top Heavy Top Heavy On Top
Torche Kicking Harmonicraft
Torche Tarpit Carnivore In Return
Kylesa Tired Climb Spiral Shadow
Rosetta Absent The Galilean Satellites
U.S. Christmas Wolf On Anareta Run Thick in the Night
Zoroaster Tualatin Magic Dog
Grass Future Ruins Sadgiqacea/Grass Split
Tombs Passageways Path to Totality
Sadgiqacea Integrite Anthrosphere Vol III
High on Fire Snakes for the Divine Snakes for the Divine
Black Cobra One Nine Bestial
Neurosis Eye Through Silver in Blood
Ramesses Iron Crow Take the Curse
Omega Massif Aura Karpatia
Mammoth Grinder Resurfacing Extinction of Humanity
Skeletonwitch This Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill) Forever Abomination
Bubonic Bear Anonymous and Forgotten Anthrosphere Vol III
Cult of Luna Leash The Beyond
Trenches Pathways The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole
Kowloon Walled City Gambling on the Richter Scale Gambling on the Richter Scale
Ufomammut III Eve
A Storm of Light Black Ocean And We Wept the Black Ocean Within
Deathmøle Horus Absent Gods & Creatures Foul
Preacher Wicked Hearts Dead Men Dead World

Music that Keeps You Up at Night

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Tune in for post-rock, metal, post-metal, and a mix of other genres. Whether it's loud or quiet, this music will keep you up at night...