late nite dudes on Thu 3/8/12

Artist Title Album New
rocket from the crypt french guy paint as a fragrance
hunters acid head hands on fire
mission of burma red signals calls and marches
wire ex lion tamer pink flag
big eyes different than i thought hard life
the knockout pills come on out 1 + 1 = ate
pentagram when the screams come first daze here
funkadelic super stupid maggot brain
fuzztones she's wicked she's wicked
black wine hand summer of indifference
husker du terms of psyhic warfare new day rising
the ergs radio k jerseys best prancers
closet fairies cassandra 7"
superchunk misfits and mistakes 7"
dow jones and the industrials indeterminism 7"
for science leeloo revenge for hire
stymie 11'11 7"
teengenerate out of sight 7"
ceremony adult zoo
toys that kill brain attracts flies flys
man or astroman the man from u.n.c.l.e. astro launch
noun pearly gates noun
the plugz let go 7"
the faction dark room dark room
radon a fist full of potash 7"
nuclear santa claust bikini island 7"
guns n wankers skin deep for dancing and listening
v/a back from the grave vol 1 side a
reagan youth its a beautiful day vol 2
television personalities a picture of dorian grey and dont the kids just love it
the panics no more aliens psychos and wild things
rizzo machine water ice 7"
hunchback beautiful pray for scars
big black racer x racer x
the stickmen funky hayride get onboard
dead milkmen hangman the king in yellow
the black belles breathing down my neck the black belles
flower christine had a dream concrete

late nite dudes

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