Lame Ass Dudes on Sun 3/11/12

Artist Title Album New
Big Black The Model + Bad Penny
Jesus Lizard Gladiator
Killing Joke Are You Recieving + Turn To Red
Big Boys No
Minutemen Search + Tension
fIREHOSE Brave Captain
The Trowels Worst Dudes Ever
Code Orange Kids Walls (We Lose Each Other)
Trash Talk Burn Alive
Congenital Death Hate Song
Void Dehumanized + Get Out Of My Way
Poison Idea Lifestyles
Ruin Make Believe
The Spits Don't Shoot
Bad Doctors Transparent Things
Generation X Invisible Man
Zwaanendael Instrumental
Thee Oh Sees Contraption/Soul Desert
Ty Segall Where We Go
Dead Moon Evil Eye
The Mummies Red Cobra No. 9
Reatards Chuck Taylor All Star Blues
Guitar Wolf Link Wray Man
Turbonegro A Dazzling Display of Talent
Gun Club Sex Beat
Lollipop Shoppe You Must Be Witch
13th Floor Elevators Reverberation
McRad Weakness
Scram Fear
Black Athletes Die Laughing
Drunk Injuns Question Authority
Los Olvidados Bang Bang Your Dead
Faction Skate and Destroy
7 Seconds Walk Together, Rock Together
Youth of Today Flame Still Burns
Gorilla Biscuits Forgotten
WarZone As One
Uniform Choice Use Your Head
Youth Brigade Fight To Unite
Descendents I Don't wanna Grow Up

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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