Fancy Pants-less Radio on Mon 3/19/12

Part II of the Female Vocalist playlist!

Artist Title Album New
Now Now Oh. Hi. Threads
Chairlift I Belong In Your Arms Something
Rainer Maria Mystery & Misery Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows)
Pirouette Donthatememorethanyouhaveto Sometimes Sad Isn't Funny EP
Camera Obscura The Sweetest Thing My Maudlin Career
Tennis Origins Young And Old
Eux Autres Home Tonight Sun Is Sunk
Bleached Think of You Art Fag Recordings 7"
Melt-Banana Spider Snipe Bambi's Dilemma
Dangerous Ponies On A Liner pt. 2 Dangerous Ponies
Eleanor Friedberger My Mistakes Last Summer
Cults Abducted Abducted
Oh Land Sun of a Gun Oh Land EP
Prince Rama Lightening Fossil Shadow Temple
Asobi Seksu Thursday Citrus
Fever Ray When I Grow Up Fever Ray
Erin Tobey Secret Letters
Ra Ra Riot You And I Know The Orchard
Mountain Man Moon Daytrotter Session 10/4/2010
Heather Margie Here, Not There
First Aid Kit To A Poet The Lion's Roar
Cate Le Bon Fold The Cloth Cyrk
Madeline What The Devil Don't Know Won't Hurt Him Kissing and Dancing
Brenna Sahatjian Impressive Rain To Each Idle Arroa
P.S. Elliot Tennessee Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds
Laura Stevenson and the Cans Baby Bones Laura Stevenson: A Record
Caithlin De Marrais Outer Space Is Still Sexy Live @ WKDU 11-07-10
Factors of Four Birds and the Bees Grown On Me
St. Vincent Year of the Tiger Strange Mercy

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