The Naked Gun on Thu 3/29/12

Artist Title Album Label
Thin Lizzy Return of the Farmer's Son
The Pin Group Ambivalence
Rudimentary Peni The Horrors in the Museum
Yoko Ono Mind Train
Champs Train to Nowhere
The Fall Winter I + Winter 2
Nicky and The Dots Girl Gets Nervous
Five Torquays There She Walks
Monks We Do Wie Du
Sabbath St. Vitus' Dance
Link Wray Deuces Wild
Revolutionaries Dunkirk
I'm So Hollow Dreams to Fill the Vacuum
Spacin' Empty Mind Deep Thuds Richie
Suicide Girl
Martin Rev Coal Train
The Fall Bombast
Bad Brains Fearless Vampire Killers + I
Crass Reject of Society + General Bacardi
Pekinska Patka Bila Je Tako Lijepa
Cockney Rejects East End
Jack Nitzsche The Lonely Surfer
Thin Lizzy Look What the Wind Blew In
X Nausea
FEAR New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones
Sir Coxsone Sound Tribute to Muhammed Ali
My Solid Ground That's You
Sprung Aus Den Wolken Es Reicht - Noch Lange Nicht
Pack Com'on
Real Kids She's Alright
The Fall Jawbone and The Air-Rifle
48 Hours Back to Ireland
Ejectors Little Johnny
Lurkers Shadow

The Naked Gun

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