Eric Goes To College on Wed 4/4/12

Artist Title Album New
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Let Me Be Pay Attention
Ma Jolie 88 Mph ...Compared To Giants
Three Man Cannon Corner Store Matches Nelson
A Silent Film You Will Leave a Mark The City That Sleeps
Giraffes? Giraffes! When The Catholic Girls Go Camping More Skin with Milk Mouth
State Radio Knights Of Bostonia Let It Go
Descendents In Love This Way I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Tigers Jaw Heat Tigers Jaw
Wavves Green Eyes King Of The Beach
Against Me! Unsubstantiated Rumors As The Eternal Cowboy...
Andrew Jackson Jihad You Don't Deserve Yourself Can't Maintain
Bomb The Music Industry Stand There Until You're Sober To Leave or Die in Long Island
The Bouncing Souls The Something Special How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Built To Spill Carry The Zero Keep It Like A Secret
Captain We're Sinking It's A Trap It's A Trap
Chewing On Tinfoil Get Rich or Try Dyin Get Rich or Try Dyin
Spraynard Damn You, A Box Funtitled
Sundowner Steal Your Words Four One Five Two
The Sidekicks 1940's Fighter Jet Awkward Breeds
The Avett Brothers The Perfect Space I and Love and You
Good Old War After The Party Come Back As Rain
Owen Too Many Moons Ghost Town
John K. Samson Cruise Night Provincial
Cake End Of The Movie Pressure Chief
Cheap Girls Cored To Empty Giant Orange
The Menzingers Gates On The Impossible Past
The Homeless Gospel Choir Why Must I Feel This Way You Work So Hard To Be Just Like Everyone Else
Jawbreaker Want Unfun
Joyce Manor Beach Community Joyce Manor
Kid Dynamite Never Met The Gooch Kid Dynamite
No-Cash Run Your Pockets Run Your Pockets
Dillinger Four Gainesville C I V I L W A R

Eric Goes To College

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