late nite dudes on Thu 4/5/12

Artist Title Album New
radio birdman snake burn my eye
nomeansno slugs are burning all roads lead to ausfahrt
question mark and the mysterians i'll be back are you for real 7"
one way streets we all love peanut butter back from the grave
buck gooter skunks are cool consider the grackles
rudimentary peni peni's from heaven
bad doctors transparent things distractions
toys that kill all dogs are hes all cats are shes control the sun
blue stockings #3 demo
9353 americana schizo we are absolutely sure there is no god
Out On Blue Six Examples
when in roam west bank all things considered
pure hell lame brain
the dirt pussy heaven pussy heaven
rocket from the crypt the paste that you love 7"
screaming females it all means nothing 7"
bad tuna experience white walls
psychic teens cbbk s/t
dc snipers all humans are garbage

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