Open air on Wed 4/11/12

Welcome to the first ever edition of "BoerLore", here on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm. We love our Caribbean / West African Reggae and Psychedelic. So why don't you? Anyways, be sure to tune in every Wednesday, 12-1 pm, for some gems of decades / regions long lost. Because, in the end, wtf else are you doing anyways?

Artist Title Album
Tony Grey Super 7 Yem Efe
The Ify Jerry Krusade Nwantinti / Die Die
Michi Sariento Y Sus Bravos Hong Kong
P.R.O. (People Rock Outfit) Blacky Joe
Grupo Palma Africana La Botellita
Manuel Alvarez Y Sus Dangers Escalvo Moderno
The Founders 15 Don't Take Me For A Ride
La Nelda Pina El Sucuso
Afrosound Pacifico
The Funkees Breakthrough
Son Palenque Tungalala (El Sapo)
Orquestra Nunez La Samaria
Abelardo CarbanA Quiero A Mi Gente
Banda Los Hijos Dejala Corre
The Hykkers Deiyo Deiyo
Abelardo CarbanA La Negra Kulengue

Open air

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