Backpack on Wed 4/18/12

Artist Title Album Label New
Blues Control Behind The Skies Puff Fusetron
Battles Sundome Eye Remix Dross Glop Warp
Solid Home Life No Say S/T Fin/Piaptk/lost sound/curly
Blood Feathers Cat Can Coo Too Curse and Praise Box Theory
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires Ain't No Stranger There is a Bomb in Gilead Alive
Sonni Shine and the Underwater Sounds Dream They Say Que Se Queda
Screaming Females Red Hand Ugly Don Giovanni
Fungi Girls Velvet Days Some Easy Magic Hozac
Ketamines Evil Intentions Spaced Out Southpaw
Trophy Wife Stella, My Star Stella, My Star 7" Private Leisure
Kayo Dot Calonyction Girl Coyote Hydra Head
Tin Hat Light Black From Pole to Pole Music For Film
Electric Ahab Amaze The Dead Ships
Heavy Times Motionless Drift Jacker Hozac
Joe Jack Talcum See Me Through Split With Ratboy
Robert Blake Philadelphia Bellingham and Philadelphia
Solid Home Life A/O S/T Fin/Piaptk/lost sound/curly


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