late nite dudes on Thu 4/19/12

Artist Title Album New
potential johns past due 7"
token entry btbw jaybird
phantom raiders steppin stone best of justice records
hickey food stamps and drink tickets "split" with voodoo glow skulls
rhythm collision happy as a fucking clam clobberer
stiff little fingers suspect device inflammable materials
buzzcocks ever fallen in love singles going steady
the men open your heart open your heart
pegboy dangerwood dangerwood
atom and his package wonderman hamburgers
pissed jeans boring girls shallow
underground railroad to candyland jimmy v knows your sins
walls cheap equipment future is wide open
rambo the war on self esteem bring it!
formaldehyde junkies nuke the frats 7"
psyched to die five year plan 7"
cleveland bound death sentence not zelique glass 7"
j church racked 7"
righteous jams words due in 2003
the heartburns i need glue fixin to die
bad sports i'm in love (with myself) kings of the weekend
jay reatard oh its such a shame blood visions
grabass charlestons dale split with toys that kill
psychic teens kira lp
ac4 detonate ac4
fucked up david comes to life hidden world
big eyes since you left hard life
fleshies aphids brown flag
night birds squad car 7"
this is my fist bible thumpin a history of rats
zero boys piece of me history
tenement viscious the blind wink
natural child dogbite 7"
full of fancy soule cake every wall in the parlor
future virgins other side 7"
the bananas feel good hit of the summer forbidden fruit
the beguiled el muerte del rey blue dirge
nothing done power trip power trip

late nite dudes

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