Lame Ass Dudes on Mon 4/23/12

Artist Title Album New
Screaming Females It All Means Nothing
The Black Belles Leave You With A Letter
The Bad Doctors The Ugliest Man
The Men Turn It Around
Dead Moon 54/40 or Fight
The Mummies Red Cobra No.9
Zwaanendael Blood on the Stairs
The Low Budgets Rock and Roller
The Dead Milkmen The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
The Dickies Walk Like An Egg
Code Of Honor What Price Will Pay?
Boils Degredation
Plow United The Narrow Sparrow
Jawbreaker Condition Oakland
Fugazi Song #1
The Nation of Ulysses Your My Miss Washington DC
Riverboat Gamblers Ice Water
Black Flag Drinking and Driving
Plasmatics Tight Black Pants
Bl'Ast Its In My Blood
ADrenalin OD AOD vs. Godzilla + Office Buildings
Ink and Dagger Bloodlust
Japanther Battle of the Hopeless Crushes
Killing Joke The Wait
Jesus Lizard Gladiator
No Trend Karma Nights
Tear It Up No They Don't Wash Off
Kill YOur Idols Wake Up Sheep
China White Live In Your Eyes
Agession It Can Happen
RKL Scab on My Brain
Underdog From Now On + A Lot To Learn
Uniform Choice Straight And Alert
Adolescents Kids Of the Black Hole

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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